• Here's Fleabers and the guys in the Radio Times. We had our first hate tweet the other day. "CITV sinks to a new low". It's not even on telly yet! No such things as bad publicity as they say. Even if they use a really early image.
    Face palm as my teenage son would say.

  • Deliveries chug along. Everyone thats seen the show so far loves it. Hopefully the kids will. Fleabag Monkeyface airs on CITV 19th December at 4.30.

  • Really small drawings!

    I think if you direct, the very least you should do is thumbnail what you want. A black pen and a marker....great fun!
    The first shows have been delivered anyway. That will continue now into the new year.

  • Maveric, Changboon and John

    Im back from a great trip to Sparky animation and Terafire in Singapore. Thanks to KC and the Team at Sparky, and my new pal John Kuek at Terafire for looking after me and Jon. Maveric and Changboon also pictured. Great foley work guys!

    I didn't get the name of the guy above but he was crazy good. 

    A lot of things were resolved in the days spent in the sound studio. I love doing the sound. Tweaking levels and timing until you don't hear a sound effect but only your characters moving and living in their environment. It always amazes me how nailing the sound can suddenly snap your characters into being.  Theres still minor tweaks but they are pretty much nailed. MIP next week... I think FB will make a big impact.

  • In the news...well, a picture anyway.

  • Its very wide as you see, and I've got a new Chris Wayles. Awesome fellow. Eyes of a hawk and better hand writing than me apparently. End of this month I'll be away to Singapore to start post. It'll be good to meet our Singaporean chums.

  • Im heading out for a mid series break. One week of sun. I think I may need a recharge but its hard to drag my self away. We now have Chris Wayles on the team covering for me while Im off and assisting me for the rest of the production. So pleased we got Chris on board. The man knows his onions.

    Animation is coming through now, the folks at Sparky are doing amazing work. Hard to believe the quality. Set-up renders came through yesterday also. We were all flawed.
    Pictures are from my diary...I draw during our meetings then struggle to find space to write for the rest of the week.

    Also I have another unpublished blog on the backburner. I plan on taking six to eight storyboarding students on later in the year or new year.  It'll be real world training and go through everything I can think of. It'll be free as the 6 or 8 will be guinea pigs. It'll last about 6 months I guess. Students will have to apply and must be able to draw well. I don't want to jump the gun so don't submit yet. Just a little heads up. I'll tell you more closer to the time. The blog will obviously be free to all so any notes or material will be there for the taking.



  • I love directing this show. Its pretty all consuming. Even the stress is the good sort. More a buzz. The whole team feel it. The only downside is I don't draw anything. I draw pretty comprehensive story notes but that's about it. The rest of my time is spent checking storyboards, animatics, blocking and on Monday, animation! Which I'm very excited about.

    Anyway.....Its Sunday.
    Today I have to draw and paint concepts for the title sequence. It's my chance to play. Above is a nervous warm up self portrait. I'm kind of shocked how it came out. Don't let the tired glum old man deceive you though...I am having a ball.

    But I am looking forward to a week in the sun.


  • Its all done! We're all settling into the new studio and I'm happy in my lovely office. Above is a before and after shot. On my Mac is a Mick Harrison animatic. Ep015 actually.  The shows zipping along. Lots of notes and emails and not enough drawing. Some great boards coming from the Saloon.


  • Long ago (just over 10 years) I started a website called hat01. I found this old link on my hard drive today.
    This was the sketchbook section. Many great talents here, presenting a pick of their own personal favorite work.

    Artists include

    Ian Jackson
    José Luis Ágreda
    Paul Rivoche
    Aidan Harte
    Richard Bazley
    Javier Olivares

    take a look hat01

    images above by Javier, Ian, Paul R and Paul S.

  • Wheres the time going? Cartoon Saloon are doing amazing work on the show. Its tricky keeping up with notes on boards and animatics. Scene blocking is soon to begin too. Very excited, but really going to need my week in the sun come August.

  • A few minutes off from making notes. Don't tell anyone...
  • Im home after a lovely week at Cartoon Saloon in Kilkenny.
    Above, the Fleabag Monkeyface storyboard crew. Mick, Alessandra, Daniel, Marten, Sean, Nuria, Me, Massi and Rosa. Think I got all that right.

    Many thanks Paul, Nuria, Mick and Ale for a great week.

  • I'm heading out to see the board team next week. So cranking through my thumb notes. Going through pens and paper at a pace. Huge apologies to the poor folks scanning them all in. 
    The show is getting more awesomer everyday!

  • A long old day today. Coming home to this fella ended it well. Thanks to the lovely Wish films team.
    My notes are done. Time to retire with the next episode of The Wire season 2.

  • Headingly


    Chorlton - Fat City





    I found a few pictures of some of the places I've sat over the years. There's been many others but its interesting to see these (?) ...my desk pre- Wacom and even pre-computer. The bottom one is where I'm sitting right now.

  • Two weeks into production for me and I'm in the groove. Fleabag is going to be a great show. Voices are amazing. The rig of the fella above is jaw dropping. Ive not seen such a thing for a TV show before. So blessed with the crew, and working with Mick Harrison is a total pleasure.

    Also heres a little interview for the nice folks at the animation forum.
    Ignore the three decades thing... Im not that bloody old!

  • In an attempt to have stuff to post, I painted a few thumbnails from Night of the hunter. The top image I messed with too much not realising the drawings rubbish. So used it to push another  image a little more. The bottom guy looks a little Clooney.

  • Hi All. Above is my next directing job. Very excited to be working with some old friends and the guys at Impossible Kids. I start monday. Whoop!

  • Im back from London for good. Many thanks to all the guys in the studio. I'll miss working with you all. Im back home to start directing a new show. Its all CG, which is new for me. Im really looking forward to diving into it. The image is a very old scribble of a chap with an arm on his lip. Nothing new I can show. Now to get used to life without the Cintiq.
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