• Here's some ink drawings untouched by Photoshop. I've posted most of these before, but not in their naked state. The last image is a before and after. Looking at it now I prefer the original drawing.

  • I just thought I'd post another image from my zombie movie. It's project name is Black Tide, which is actually a cooler name than its real title. If I call it by its true name it will totally give the game away. As it would if I showed the full image. I'm not getting much time on it but its always in the back of my head. Thinking of calling my writer pal to make all the ideas make sense.

  • Just heard a couple of things about Fleabag. First Fleabs will be airing on ABC in Australia. Thursdays at 6.30am and Sundays at 8.30am, Also he's been entered into the Broadcast Awards and the Kidscreen Awards. Farts crossed!
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