• Sunny gloom

    What a week.
    I've been done with Skunk for some time now. Many thanks to the Cartoon Saloon guys.

    Since then I've completed a pilot for someone. Not my project.
    Anyway, it was done. My machine had output many gigs of targas ready to head off to the editors. When I get the call. "Are you sitting down"......I was. Turns out the producer wants to change one of the character designs. A design thats been okayed and signed off at every stage up until this point. Anyway I've 37 scenes that are okay and 21 scenes that have to be thrown out. Very depressing. It means more income but the idea of digging back into it makes me feel a bit sick.

    Also my PS3 died last night. It lasted 5 weeks.

    My pals at Star Dot Star are without a home. Their studio fell victim to the recent fire in Manchester. They are still working and are expecting to be up and running in a new space within the month. Glad you're all okay.

    On a happier note. Safe and Sound has been nominated for (I think) 4 awards. Including a nomination for best animation at the bigchip awards. Fingers crossed.

    I got my new machine too:) It’s got a window and a lime green light comes on when the fan spins!


    Images are a couple of Photoshop doodles from this morning.

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    1. Re: Your Playstation 3, they just don't make technology like they used to, when I grew up technology was huge but it lasted, old VHS recorders were that big you could use them as a spare bed for guests to chuck a mattress on top of, and when you ejected your tape the whole street could here the mechanisms working but it lasted. Now all you have to do is fart near new technology and 3 circuit boards get wiped by the EMP pulse.
      Cool piccies, that top one looks like a Buffalo or something !!

    2. Love your stuff......whats your new machine with the green light?



    3. love the color and the composition!

    4. My new machine is my new scan computer.I havent time to set it up yet. Two more weeks on this show and I can migrate over to it..fill it up with new adobe products...

    5. Anonymous said... 5:06 PM

      Just stumbled onto your blog after admiring your road safety animations you did for Stardotstar for quite a while. My studio is working on a pilot animation series/childrens book collection and I would love to get some feedback from you on our visuals.

      Once again, love you work, do you have a 'corporate' website?


    6. Ain't TV Producers grand? Does the change affect the animation or can you get away with what you've done (assuming it's in Flash which of course might not be the case)?

    7. It wasn't so bad. I had to change about 21 scenes. The new design had pretty much the same body and a new head. So I had to go in and fix that character. Not really taxing but very dull going through it all again.

    8. Anonymous said... 4:31 AM

      the colors!

    9. Beautiful and surprising as ever, Jez!

    10. great and different thinks you do, i like the style!

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.
    12. Excellent work as always Jez.

    13. Hey Jez, nice to see all is good with you(PS3 aside). Great work as always.

    14. Allways fantastic to come to your Abstract world.

    15. Great stuff!

    16. ey up pendulum?
      i am here at the canadian place of the fatkats. i hear you been sniffing about. Sure enough I said you were a neat fellow and all. Jump in kidda these fellows are all over it, the studio is vibrant indeed. Hope we can work together some. here is some rhubarb

      A thirsty fellow popped into a tea shop and demanded refreshment. The owner gave him a cup. 'this cup is empty said the man, what use is that?' the tea shop owner said 'with out the emptiness the cup has no use'. 'More buns please' said an elephant at table four

    17. how cute!

    18. Truly sensational stuff, Jez!!!!!!!!

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