• Some of the messing about from end of play yesterday. It's starting to become a very grim comedy. 
    I'm getting the thing mapped out. I've much research to do. I've had a few big ideas for this film. 
    Need more time in my day though. 

  • A few end of the day doodles while waiting for an After Effects render. Just letting my pen wander.  I always wanted to be a comic artist when I was a young chap. 2000AD was the dream job for me.

  • Some quick ink drawings from last night. I had the house to myself for an hour. All drawn while watching an old german film called Berlin Alexanderplatz from 1931. Its full of dodgy looking fellows in a bar.
    Also, I've been working on character concepts for a new U.S show with the hugely talented Mr Craig Knowles. Go see how huge...Blog.

  • Messing about with an old marker pen, sliced with a scalpel to get an edge. Then into PS for further messing about. Not really warm ups, just cold starting my brain. 
    I'm waiting to cut some 10 minute animatics for my mates new show. Be fun to lose myself in After Effects for a few days and make a big scary timeline. 

    Also have a seemingly never ending head ache. 
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