• Heres a few more doodles from my travels. Got to keep my eye in. Spending most of my time typing emails.
    I've not fiddled with them too much so you can see the ink.

  • Heres a few monkey doodles from one of my many train journeys. The grey tone was added later in PS. At the bottom are a couple of post it note pictures. I don't get much drawing time so I have to doodle when I can. These were done waiting for After Effects renders. I love my Pentel AQUASH pens. Yes... I am a brush pen geek!
    Big hello and thanks to Ale and Alf . Amazing talents!

  • We've been back a while now but me n Claire had a great time in barcelona. Went to Can Piaxano http://www.canpaixano.com
    Very cool place. Drank too much Cava and ate too many sea creatures. Hotel 1898 was ace! Rooftop bar cost a few quid though.

    Works going great. Heres a not very good drawing of Yoda for a CN idea I did a while ago. I made the huge mistake of drawing his saber the wrong colour. I'm surrounded by geeks!

  • The show is going well, very busy in pre-production. Got some great people on board. Very exciting.
    The shorts I was working on before this have been comped and done. Not seen all of them as yet but what I've seen is amazing. Nick want more. Which is great news but obviously I'll not be so involved with them.

    Just catching up on some emails today then off to Barcelona. Again. Just can't get enough of the place.

    When I'm back it'll be even more full on as the show gets into first gear. I wont be posting as much but anything cool crops up I'll put it here.

    See you soon

  • I was pleased to see the Weetos ad on telly this morning. Nice.

  • Its where I sit......all day long. Even when its really sunny, and there's lots of people in the park having fun.

  • I'm not exactly twiddling my thumbs but the shows prolonged start is dragging. Still crewing.

    I've a couple of little design and board jobs going through. Above is our pal Dexter pressing a button. Not an unusual thing for him to do.

    I've just watched the first two completed Nick shorts. Stu and his team have done an amazing job on these. They certainly look like the budget was a lot bigger than it was. I'm a little shocked to not have the usual feeling of crushing disappointment. I think they're great.

    Anyway, hopefully they'll be airing soon so everyone can see them.

  • Well done to Orsi and Stu on the arrival of Sienna-Marrie Elizabeth Gamble. Good work folks.
    Still waiting on the show......Contracts as ever hold things up. The deadline sits there, unmoving. Got some nice design work going on though, so I'm keeping busy.
    Drawing is a doodle done sitting by a river in the sun with my two boys. Its was a lovely day. Passers by must find it disappointing when they look over my shoulder and see something like that. They must expect some proper art. A water colour or something.

  • I'm 41 today. Blimey! The pictures today all come from a mildly drunk drawing session. I've been working on a made up metal band as a back story for my friends new show. We're trying to give them a bit of depth even though they are very much BG characters. They look nothing like the images here but it's what happens mixing metal and merlot. To be honest I kind of re-discovered ELO that night too...and Boney M. Must be the strings! Hail Satan!

  • Heres another quick paint from last night. My phones got two camera things on it, one makes you more ugly than the other. Using the more ugly one you can look at yourself without taking a picture. This is what I was doing when I painted this face. I fiddled in PS a lot though to save my bad drawing. Very handy things phones.

  • I drew Mr Gravy yesterday. Just a doodle while on the phone. This afternoon I drew a crappy version in Sketchbook pro. Drew a better skull, then stuck the better skull over crappy Mr Gravy and made something better.

  • Hows a bloke supposed to put pictures up on his blog when he's not allowed to show anything? Start date is still impending. Voices being cast, musicians briefed.....board artists being contacted. I've been blocking stuff out for the first 2 shows. Its a nice change of pace from the shorts for Nick.
    Comping is still going strong on the shorts. They are looking beautiful. I'm sure they'll create quite a buzz when they air.
    The image is an un-used design for some Weetos commercials. I can see why they didn't go for it. Too much of a departure from the brief. The final designs are nice but these would have been lots of fun.
    I got to draw Scooby Doo and Shaggy last week too. Great fun, but Scoobys legs are nuts.

  • I'm loving my Mac. Somethings are very tricky to get my head around. I'm all thumbs at the moment. Drawings are quick dibbles for a mates show.

  • Stu from Greykid sent over a couple of final scenes for the shorts we've been making for Nick. I have to say they are looking amazing! Stu is doing the comping himself. Skill!
    Heres a couple of tiny colour keys from the titles. I cant wait for them to air.

  • Loooook!!
    Cant believe how nice my new Mac is....and my new Wacom for that matter. Going to be tricky getting used to OSX after all these years in Windows land.
    End of the month is approaching and trying to tie up freelance stuff. Looking forward to new things and hopefully making a few new friends.

  • Look at the size of that! The show I'm due to direct gets ever closer. I printed and taped the first draft of the schedule together this morning. Scary, yet exciting.

  • I actually did more than that but I binned the crap ones. Pictured aren't any of the 94 but the 30-something I did the next day. I was blasting as much as I could before my trip.
    I'm working some more with my chums at Greykid so I'm not posting anything that'll get me into trouble.

  • Got back yesterday. Me and lovely Claire had a fantastic time. Crap being back.
    While I was out there a grabbed a copy of the amazing Javier Olivares book "The Ono and Hop Chronicles". It further confirms his genius. Amazing stuff.
    Also had a nosey at Sagrada Familia. Amazing place. I came away kind of wishing they'd left it alone though.

  • Just a quick one about someone elses work instead of mine. My good pal Paul Salmon has come back to the freelance life after years in the wilderness. This makes me very happy. I met up with him last week for a pint. He's one of the best in the game. He needs stuff online so I'll bully him to get something up. Take a look at the above image. Paul was the guy who designed Count Duckulas castle by the way.

  • Many thanks to Aaron at the mighty Cold Hard Flash for letting me know the re-designed site is up (click the title). Great job Aaron!
    I did some designs for Aaron late last year, some of which you can see by scrolling down the CHF page. Above is the image the new logo is taken from. You can see he was changed a little from this to be more bear-like. This is straight out of Flash.

  • Heres a few colour keys I've been doing on a new thing for some folks to be broadcast somewhere sometime fairly soon....whenever they're done. Hopefully when it airs I can post more stuff.
    I've had fun on this show. I been doing boards, animatics, some design and these little colour key things.
    I went down to Wish films the other day to see Will, Ian and the other Will. I had a fine day. I got rained on three times in one day though. I hope I didn't smell too damp.
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