• Heres a little Photoshop action for you.


    Its called "ready to paint"...and that's what it does. Stick it in your Photoshop actions folder and you should be good to go. I have it assigned to F2.
    Scan in your drawing, mess with your levels a bit, then hit F2.

    Give me a shout if you cant get it to work.

    I cant post without a picture so heres a Cowgirl.

  • ...so it must be Flash day. Heres a few Flash models

  • I've started doing boards again.
    This time though I'm not drawing on paper but directly into Flash.
    Flash can go nuts when you draw a lot in it. Its a blast anyway, I'm enjoying it.

  • Heres a few more brush things and my first go at painter. I did it ages ago and I've not had cause to use the program since. Its great though if a little slow on my machine. Most things are a little slow on my machine.
    Also I dug up a colour model from the pilot I did in Flash. Hopefully someone will give us money to make the series.

  • The shorts I've been doing with my pal Chris Wayles are all done. Thanks for the cool animation Chris. I'm told they are going to be shown on the big outdoor screen at the triangle central Manchester at some point. I'll try and get some pictures if it happens. Heres a grab from it. A bus in the rain.
    Also a couple of Sax players. Doodled while sitting through another long After Effects render. Also a little chap who I thought was fun. I'm having a couple of days off then I'm doing a board for the lovely people at Cartoon Saloon.
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