• Happy Christmas all.
    Still not much to post as usual, thanks to strict non-disclosure agreements.
    But heres two extreme close-ups I may get away with.
    See you in the new year.

  • My lame post rate continues. I've been working in London for a while now on a cool new project but back home this weekend in a frosty Tottington. Panicking that Christmas is sneaking up on me again.
    Cool news is that Toonhound has put up an interview I did for them a while ago http://www.toonhound.com/jez-1.htm. Many thanks to Frazer.


  • In my hands at last. The Wibbly Pig DVD!

  • Hi
    A few cool things boiling. Not much to show though so heres a few old dev images. Also it looks like I'll be helping with boards out on Monstroville for Mr Von Kreep. Should be a lot of fun. 
    Lastly Wibbly Pig is out on DVD from the 18th October. Toys to follow! 


  • It was great to meet up with local artists last night. There's some real talent round here. Thanks Adam for the invite.
    Image is old skype chat doodle.

  • It's been a tough few months. A few life changing things have occurred. Thank you to my family and friends for dragging me through. I have some cool new work to keep me going, just need to get my mojo back. Time to draw.

  • I finally found time to rescue some old drawings from my garage.
  • My first drawings in CS5. Designs for another ethereal project for someone or other.

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