• Thanks to Gez at stardotstar for sending me this pic. The Aliens cartoon on the big screen in Manchester...cool!
    This past week Ive had some fab design work to do. Loads of fun. I wish I could post them.
  • Heres some more oldies. Colour notes from Wacky Woods this time. We made 3 pilots. One in India and two here. Still waiting on this one.
    Wise Old Owl made me laugh. He's not wise, old or an Owl. He's a sheep in a tree.

  • Heres a few colour notes I did ages ago. I wanted to go a bit lino print but the client chose a rougher style. Theres also a few ealy PS paintings for the same project and a BG idea. It was Lightwave and PS.... I never saw the final thing.

  • Busy busy

    Sorry for the long delay. I'm coming to the end of the latest Skunk board.
    I've been having fun drawing Mr Fish below.

    no new "proper" art so heres an old one of some trains.

    chuf chuf...
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