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    Hi Jez,

    Thank you for your interest in joining the team on 'A Tale of Despereaux'. Unfortunately we do not have any open positions that would best suit your skills.

    I will keep your portfolio on file for future reference.




    Doesn't this kind of thing tick you off? It does me. Especially when they called me and haven't seen my portfolio yet.

    Ah well... I'm crap at drawing baby mice anyway.

    On a much nicer note.....

    Welcome back K. X

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    1. Ah don't worry jez, your works are great, your sketches always so refreshing and as I wrote to you before, I love your skunk fu boards, I'm a storyboard artist here in the saloon as well and your drawings are always a big inspiration for me :) Bring it on!!!!!

    2. Thanks A..you made my day. :)

    3. Anytime Jez! ;)
      Hope to see another board soon, the last one was class...!
      You're already in the links of my blog! Yeeeeah!
      Have a fantastic day

    4. that sucks man. i'm sure that it wasn't personal on their behalf , they probably are full or something because
      your work is really cool.

    5. Hey Jez,

      Great Blog here. Thanks for posting your work.
      Keep it going.

    6. hey Jez, it's Mick here from Cartoon saloon... do me a solid and dump my link on yer pile of links there

      then I can be a happy bloggy nerd too
      In return i shall besmirch yer good name in my links too as wekk

    7. Had I known you had a blog Mick, Id have you linked up without delay. Hows it all going anyway mate? Hope all's well.

    8. ha, least you get a reply!!

      most of the ones i send out, dont even get a reply from them!!

    9. Thats the point. I never sent anything out... I wasn't even looking for work. They called me, then sent me that email. Swines.

    10. lol!!

    11. That's so wierd. But funny in a darkly cynical way. Hey...maybe they mixed you up with someone else who actually applied for work..?

      PS: thanks for the swell comment on our blog!

    12. ahhah mick! i found you here too!! you link thief... :) ah, whatever, I'll link you as well, my darling brother right on!
      ciao jez!

    13. What are you talking of there Jez old bean?? On my blog there?. You have a show? What...hello there, yes. Good good sure sure. I did the title card yes Aidan got his grubby fingles on there but I claim all the credit, if there is any going that is. Man cannot live on cash alone you know! certainly not the case. A fella needs a steady line of credit and ever more dangerous creditors until the big battle at the end.... right then. All well here and things are coming in looking peachy. best felts and glitter certainly yes good.

    14. I'll suit their skills with a swift boot to their nether regions!

    15. Hi Jez,

      That's friggin' weird!

      May be you pissed someone off with you exceptional drawing skills and out of jealousy they decided to make ya feel bad. shame on them!

      shall we send the dogs round?

      hope your keeping well mate

    16. Sorry about the letter!! I am sure you will find some other coool opportunity!!

    17. Too funny. We've all had that one, demeaning business that rejection is.

      Top stuff, boss, keep up the good work and pity the fools that don't want to work with you.


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