• Photoshop action

    Heres a little Photoshop action for you.


    Its called "ready to paint"...and that's what it does. Stick it in your Photoshop actions folder and you should be good to go. I have it assigned to F2.
    Scan in your drawing, mess with your levels a bit, then hit F2.

    Give me a shout if you cant get it to work.

    I cant post without a picture so heres a Cowgirl.

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    1. Thank you for that, Jez!
      I'll give it a whirl now.

    2. ... and that cowgirl looks as if she's been in the saddle a looooong time!

    3. ha, I see what you mean.
      Heres some extra info getting the action running.
      When in Photoshop, open up your actions tab. Click the little arrow and choose "load action " from the menu. Load up the "ready to paint" action. When its in, click on the little arrow next to the folder by its name then click on the "ready to paint " name that just popped open. Click the black arrow in the corner again and choose "action options. This opens up a dialogue. For function key... choose F2 or whatever you fancy. Then hit okay. That should do it.

    4. Anonymous said... 11:35 AM

      LOOOOOVELY :)))

    5. hey jez-sooper stuff here-!-i havent visited for a wee while -so on the one hand i feel guilty-then i feel thoroughly entertained-and visually engorged with all this great new stuff-is the guy in the truck 3d lit flat or vectored-?
      loving it a lot

    6. That's a very cool style!! Doesn't feel photoshop at all!

    7. Hi Alina
      The cowgirl pic is just an ink drawing. I'd use the action to colour it.
      Thanks Yacin and MrD :)
      The guy in the truck is just flat vectors.
      "Visually engorged" made me laugh.

    8. Jez

      Do you do any comic book work? Your brushlines remind me of a cross between Matotti and Dark Horse faves like Mignola and Guy Davis. Marvellous. i also see you have a link to a few folks I know like Fat City and AKA. Do drop me an email so we can chat some more fella



    9. Jez Imponente trabajo felicitaciones...pongo un link en Perejilpuntocom.

      Saludos. :)

    10. nice and loose but with alot of feeling. Keep it up, Jez!

    11. Fine brushwork!

    12. Really nice work here Jez! I'll be back here more often.

    13. Can't find your action, Zed! file not found :-(((((
      Would you send me it please? E mail in my website www.santygutierrez.com

    14. I would like to download the action 'Ready to Paint', but the file is no longer where it is listed. Any chance you could relist it in a new location for download?


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