• Javier Olivares.

    Had to post this. Javier Olivares has started a blog. About time Javier!
    His stuff kills me.

    Click the title

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    1. Anonymous said... 11:47 PM

      Hi Jez!!!
      Amazing stuff in Javier's new blog and also in yours!!
      I lost your trail some time ago, it's great you also have a blog with such incredible stuff. I love it. It's really nice to know about you again.

    2. Hey José
      Great to hear from you again...its been too long. Hope life is good. The stuff on your blog looks fantastic as always.
      Your big fan...

    3. Nice one Jez, the Javier stuff is great!

    4. Yeah. I love it.

    5. Hello all of you!!!
      Yes, at last I have a BLOG, and Jez Have another, and Jose Luís has another one...

      All this terrific stuff!!!

      How I´m work now?...
      Regards for all.

    6. Your work is really cool man...great blog, I shall return! ;)

    7. Really cool style Jez! I can't wait to see more of your work.

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