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    Apologies for the lack of posts. Fun things are a foot. Working on a fun new thing with some nice folks I've not worked with before, and my own shows are starting to click. One in particular has just fallen into place. So I can get it together and get it out there.
    I was out and about last week. Great seeing my chums at Stardotstar, Kilogramme and Firestep. Kilogramme and Firestep are now working together and have a joint reel. They are doing beautiful things.
    Also dropped in to see my pal at studio Liddell. They are doing ace stuff on Roary the race car.

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    1. hey man sometimes life takes over and you have no time to post. and besides this one will do just fine.

      nice blog


    2. thank the lord... where were the three rings when you got in??!! Holy Rumpled Stilt skins!!! Good to hear your gear is gaining ground

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